Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hello family-

I don't know if anyone got the message but I'll be home on Friday. Could someone come give me a ride home? I'm in Italy right now and I'm almost done being a missionary, but not quite. Tonight I'm going to teach the grandma of one of the sister missionaries at temple square. She was planning on getting baptized when her granddaughter got home in September, but in church on Sunday she came up to me and said, "You're the first person I'm telling but I want to get baptized on my birthday- May 19." Tonight will be the last lesson I teach as a missionary and then tomorrow I'll go to Milano and have dinner with the Wolfgramm's and then the next day I'll be home.

Did Mom really dye her hair blue? I still can't figure out if that's a joke or not. I think it's probably a joke.

I'm giving a mass acceptance to all invites everyone gave me. Beekeeping, bb gun shooting, apartment managing/fixing, James Bond marathons, sleeping on Stefan's couch (that's my own invite, but oh well), tea parties, trips to the park and whatever else anyone wants to do.

What else...

As far as people at the airport I don't really want anyone but family there. I don't want it to be a big deal and I really just want to see you guys. There will be plenty of time to see lots of other people- because there are lots of people I'm excited to see- but I want take it a bit at a time. I don't want to have to pay attention to anyone but you guys right at first.

It must be at least a week since I've slept for a full eight hours. I either lay awake for a long time before falling asleep or wake up an hour early because I'm so excited to come home. I have to take deep breaths for at least five minutes before I try to study otherwise I get nowhere. Is anyone else going slightly crazy? Based on Xander's email I'm pretty sure he's lost it too.

Well this is it- the end. I don't think anyone will be able to understand what this feels like. In moments when I'm not busy working or thinking about home I have a solid feeling of peace. I feel satisfied. I feel like I'm in a holy place. I don't just say it because I'm a missionary but I feel like I've done something of worth, something significant that not even I completely understand yet. I'm glad I came on a mission and I'm glad I stayed being a missionary despite all the times it would have been easier not to. I love you guys and I love the Lord.

Love, Ben


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