Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Dear family-

...I feel like I'm back where I was two years ago when writing you makes me too excited to think of things to write about.Dear family-

...I feel like I'm back where I was two years ago when writing you makes me too excited to think of things to write about.

Before I forget, Melvin just let me know his wedding will be June 21st. I've got to be there. I don't know how much of the summer is already planned but that's an important event to keep in mind. Also the dinner sounds fun. Melvin wrote me about it and he loved it. It won't be long before I'm there too.

OK so I'm moving down my list of things. Sometimes I like making lists to help me remember the important things to write about but then sometimes it just cuts out all of my other random stuff that I remember as I ramble. I'm still reading the Old Testament and it's so cool. This week the ten tribes were lost. How do you lose a whole tribe of people let alone ten!? Haha I'm so funny. Anyways it was so cool to understand the background and see what a big deal it really was to lose them. The scriptures talk about it all the time and now we're working on gathering them again. Did you know that the gathering of Israel and them taking back the land of their inheritance will outdo the Exodus in significance? One day people will stop talking about God as the God that brought the children of Israel out of Egypt (which they do all the time) and they will start to refer to him as the God who restored the ten tribes of Israel. Anyways I've been enjoying my study time lately.

Stefan- Oh where do I even begin to talk about Stefan? First of all happy birthday to you Stefan. And secondly I hope you want to hang out with me as much as I want to hang out with you when I get home. Without doubt I count as one of the greatest blessings of my time as a missionary the way I feel about Stefan. I clearly remember nearly two years ago when I first heard about Stefan's ACT score and my first reaction was jealousy, "Why does he always outdo me?" But then something told me to stop. I took a deep breath, and just started to feel happy for him. I realized that I was lucky to be his brother and that his success didn't have to make me look like less. Before long Stefan become my favorite topic of thought and conversation and everybody on the mission knew about my brother Stefan. Why did I waste so many years fighting with Stefan? Now it doesn't matter though. What does matter is that we have years and even eternities to come together. I'm so grateful for that day when my heart began to soften and I discovered my brother.

The next thing I put on my list is home. I'm not sure if I have anything in particular to say about it besides the fact that I'm so excited to come home.

Metro Miracle- The other night I was on a scambio in Milano. We were riding along on the metro and I made eye contact with a lady. I smiled and she started to cry. I walked over and sat down next to her and asked if everything was OK. She explained that her mom had been in a coma for a week now and that she was a member. The lady herself was a member too but it had been a long time since she had gone to church. We sat and talked for a minute and I got her information to give to the missionaries in the area. She was crying because seeing us was a sign to her. She said we were angels. Whether or not I actually am an angel it was cool to be in a position where I was acting as an angel to someone.

Well I'll see you soon. Have a good week. I'm alive and doing well.

Love, Ben

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