Wednesday, February 6, 2013

you people are crazy

Oh hello everybody,

It sounds like Xander had the coolest birthday party in the world. Bombs of two different types, bb guns and sparklers! I can hardly believe it.

Transfers- Anz. Chipman is going to La Spezia and I will be getting Anz. Eveson for my last transfer. He's a missionary I've known for a while. He's a really hard worker which is good. Anz. Chipman's so funny. I'll miss him a lot.

Speaking of last transfers, or as Dad would say it second to last transfers, I can't believe this is it. This is the end. So it isn't exactly the end because there are still six more weeks but it is the end. I can't really put into words the way it feels but it's a funny feeling. Sometimes I want to cry. Italy has become such a home to me. I would even say it has become sacred to me. Other times I get excited thinking about being home and going to school. But it just feels right. It's the right time. But I have six more weeks. And don't worry about me getting trunky. I still remember Dad's "halfway" lecture and it has stuck. I plan on making the most of the end of my time as a missionary.

This week Anz. Free and Anz. Rodriguez are going home. They both called me and I think both will be visiting you guys. Anz. Free said Mom and his mom talked so you're probably expecting that one. Anz. Rodriguez is going up to Utah to see his girlfriend. They'll be in Salt Lake and probably stop by. These guys are like my brothers and I probably talked about you guys enough that they know the rest of you well enough to be part of the family. Take care of them when you see them.

As far as news from Muggi├▓ there isn't too much. We just baptized all of our best investigators so we're trying to build the work back up again. It's been tough especially with transfers. The ward however is really goo and I can really see that they trust us. We've had lots of people tell us about friends they've been thinking of and even if not all of them are ready to get baptized right away it's still really good that they're thinking of friends and they're telling us about it.

I feel like there was other stuff I wanted to tell you about but now I can't remember. This always happens when I make a list for myself of things to remember. I end up just remembering the things I wrote down and nothing else. Did you sign me up for classes Mom? Anz. Rodriguez said he's got some apartments and that he'll be looking at them when he goes to Utah.

Alright. Well that's all for this week. I love you lots. Have a good week.

Love Ben

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