Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dear family

Oh dear family-

Oh how I love you. I could write you another valentine this week I love you so much. Did you get my valentine? I made one and sent it last week. I hope it gets there.

Things here have been snowy, wet and cold. The worst part is that for some reason nobody wants to see us in bad weather even if we meet with them inside. Bleh.

Does anybody at home miss me? Because I miss you guys a lot. I watched my birthday video again. It's still awesome.

So mother-of-the-year do you know when you're going to New York?

I don't know what to write today. This week I was reading about David. He's my latest favorite scripture hero. The young David of course. I feel like it's so sad that he had such a sad ending and that it seemed to ruin everything good about him. He was so cool when he was young. I loved how brave and faithful he was. Everything he did just seemed to work out well too.

I can't believe that Melvin is at our house. Isn't he funny? Did he ask for hot sauce when you ate for him. No matter what we ate he would always put hot sauce on it. Have you met Maggie?

Thanks for doing my classes mom they sound perfect.

Well I'm sorry I don't have any great stories for this week. Have a good week everybody.

Love, Ben

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